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Does Home Comfort Systems offer Financing?
Yes! We know replacing systems, purchasing new systems, and repairing systems (minor & major) can be costly. To help make sure you are achieving the highest level of comfort in your home - and wallet - we offer financing through Service Finance. You can expect a fast and easy application process, there are no hidden fees, and no credit impact. We give you the estimate and the application is available through there.

What is the average life of an HVAC unit?
The majority of HVAC units can last 12-15 years assuming they are properly maintained. You may need an occasional repair along the way, but Home Comfort Systems can usually catch and fix small problems during annual checks.

What is the cost of a new system?
This will depend on the size of your home and the type of unit, but you can expect to pay around $6,000 - $12,000 on average. It varies a lot with desired equipment and efficiency.
Keep in mind that if money is an issue, we can help you explore different financing options.


How often does my HVAC unit need maintenance?
On average, you should have your HVAC system serviced twice a year. A spring service focused on the cooling components and a fall service focused on heating components.   Routine preventative service can help extend the life of your unit. Join our Home Comfort Club to reap the benefits of scheduled maintenance.

Should I set my thermostat fan switch to "auto" or "on" when running my AC?
In the interest of keeping cooling costs down, you should use the “auto” setting so that the fan runs only when needed to maintain the set temperature. However, if you prefer a more consistent temperature, then the “on” setting will ensure uninterrupted airflow. This can be beneficial if you have asthma or allergies because the air would be constantly filtered as it flows through the system.

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